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Ya Pear
The shape of protruding part seems like duck's head,
sweet and sour, crispy and juicy, oval shape, white flesh, small kernel.
Inner packing: moistureproof paper, foam net
Outer packing:
18kg/ctn: 60/72/80/96/112 (cell pack)
9kg/ctn: 30/32/40/48/56 (cell pack)
4.5kg/ctn: 15/16/20/24/28 (paper tray and plastic bag)
Supply time: September- next May

Golden Pear
Feature: round, yellowy white, sweet, crispy and juicy
Inner packing: moistureproof paper, foam net, paper tray and plastic bag
Outer packing:
10kg/ctn: 28/32/36/40
15kg/ctn: 48/54/60/70/80/90/100/110
Availability: September-December

Su Pear
Feature: fleshy , juicy, sweet, greenish yellow color,
good taste and long shelf life
Inner packing: foam net or plastic bag, paper tray
Outer Packing:
18kg/ctn: 60/72/80/96/112
10kg/ctn: 24/28/32/36/40
Supply time: September- next March

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